FastStone Edit With an External Program Function

by Joe Holler
(Updated 5/21/2009)

The first time you click on "Edit With External Program", this button witll appear: Add External Program. Click on it and the "Settings" window will open to the "Programs" tab.

Settings - Programs

You will have to add programs to the list of external programs before you will be able to transfer selected images to it. Click Add. and the "Open" window will appear. Navigate to the .exe file for the program you wand to add to the list. Clcik on it and then click "Open".

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In the next window you can change the name of the program as it will appear in the list and set some parameters. I use the default file name and don't change the parameters. Click "OK".


The only parameter that I have needed is the default (filename). To see what the other options ae click the Question Mark:


Repeat this procedure to add other external programs.

External Programs

Once external programs have been added to the list, you can jump to the programs with selected images by either clicking on Edit with External Program and clicking on the desired program,

External Program List

or by using the hot keys. The first program can be selected by hitting "E". The others by Alt+2, Alt+3 etc.

Your can edit the list by clicking on Add/Remove Programs

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Copyright Joe Holler, 2009