FastStone Print Function

by Joe Holler
(Updated 5/19/2009)

Print Window

The top part of the "Print" window contains the list of images to be printed. Use the Add and Remove buttons to edit the list.

Print List

In the "Printer" box, click on the dropdown menu then click on a printer.

Printer Dropdown Menu

Click on Print Setup Button to get your printer's Setup Dialog Window.

The margins can be set by either entering a dimension in the box or by using the up and down arrows.


Click on one of the options to orient the print on the page.


In the "Size" box drop down the menu and choose how you want the imaged sized on the page.


If you want a "Specific Size" you can change the size by entering a dimension in the box or by using the up and down arrows. Check the "Preserve Aspect Ratio" check box so that the image is not stretched either vertically or horizontally, distorting the image.

Specific Size

I don't change the "Gamma Corredtion" because I do all of my corrections before I get to this point.

Gamma Correction

The unit of measurement can be changed between inches and cetemeters by using the dropdown menu in the masurement box.

Unit of Measurement

If you want the larger side of you image to be horizontal, click the "Landscape" radio button in "Orientation" box. If you want it vertical, click the "Portrait" radio button.


The "Print Preview" box will show you how the image will be printed on the page.

Print Preview

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