FastStone Rotate Function

by Joe Holler
(Updated 5/23/2009)

  • Click Leftto rotate the image 90 degrees counterclockwise.

  • Click Rightto rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise.

  • Click Leftto rotate or flip the image using the following window.


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To rotate the image otherwise, click Rotate Any Angle and specify the angle by using the slider, writing a number in the box or using the up and down arrows. Negative numbers indicate counterclockwise rotation, positive numbers indicate clockwise.


If you rotate the image by some acute angle, you will expose some white background:

Rotae by Acute Angle

To color the background click Background, choose a color and click "OK".

Color Picker

I chose red. The background button became Red Background Button, but the preview window will not show the background. To see the background color with the image click and hold the left mouse button on Preview to see the image full screen. When you release the left mouse button the preview will disappear.


The reference lines in the "After" window can be moved by clicking anywhere in the box and the center will jump to that point.


After you have rotated the image, click "OK", then you will need to save the changed that you made to the image. Hit "S" for "Save", "CTRL + S" for "Save As". If you try to select another image you will be prompted to save the changes made to the previous image.

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Copyright Joe Holler, 2009