FastStone Menus

by Wren McMains
(Updated 5/12/2009)

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File Menu:
  New Ctrl+N  
  Open Ctrl+O  
  Save As … Ctrl+S  
  Reload Shift+R  
  Email F6  
  Print Ctrl+P  
  Download Photos    
  Scan Board    
  Screen Capture:    
    Foreground Window    
    Window / Object    
    Rectangle Region    
    Freehand Region    
    Full Screen    
    To Image Viewer    
    To Clipboard    
    To File    
  Exit Esc  

Edit Menu:
  Undo Ctrl+Z  
  Redo Ctrl+Y  
  Edit with External Program:    
    Primary Editor E  
    Editor 2-9 Alt+#  
    Add/Remove Programs  
    Normal Mode    
    Rectangle Select Mode    
    Circle Select Mode    
    Freehand Select Mode    
    All Ctrl+A  
    None (De-select) Ctrl+D  
    Invert Selection Ctrl+Shift+I  
    Zoom Selection    
    Copy Ctrl+C  
    Cut Ctrl+X  
    Paste Ctrl+V  
    Delete Del  
    Save Selection As …    
    Save JPEG Lossless …    
  Copy Image Ctrl+C  
  Paste Image Ctrl+V  
    Left L  
    Right R  
    Flip Horizontally H  
    Flip Vertically V  
    By Any Degree    
  Resize / Resample Ctrl+R  
  Canvas Size    
  Crop Board X  
  Draw Board D  
  Set DPI    
  Enhance Colors Ctrl+E  
  Sharpen / Blur Ctrl+L  
  Reduce Colors:    
    256 Colors (8 bit) Ctrl+Shift+8  
    128 Colors (7 bit) Ctrl+Shift+7  
    64 Colors (6 bit) Ctrl+Shift+6  
    32 Colors (5 bit) Ctrl+Shift+5  
    16 Colors (4 bit) Ctrl+Shift+4  
    8 Colors (3 bit) Ctrl+Shift+3  
    4 Colors (2 bit) Ctrl+Shift+2  
    2 Colors (1 bit) Ctrl+Shift+1  
  Count Colors Ctrl+Shift+T  
  Negative Ctrl+I  
  Drop Shadow    
  Frame Mask    
  Obscure (Blur) Ctrl+Shift+O  
  Other Effects:    
    Bump Map    
    Edge Detect    
  Red-Eye Removal    
  JPG Comment T  

View Menu:
  Full Screen Enter  
  Full Screen F  
  Windowed View Ctrl+Enter  
  Open Containing Folder W  
  Slide Show Shift+R  
  Histogram Ctrl+H  
  Image Properties I  
  File Properties    
  Browser Style:    
    Small Icon View    
    Report View    
    Thumbnail View    
  Magnifier Settings (See)    
    Actual Size A  
    Best Fit B  
    Best Fit 0  
    100% 1  
    200% 2  
    300% 3  
    400% 4  
    500% 5  
    600% 6  
    700% 7  
    800% 8  
    900% 9  
    Zoom In +  
    Zoom Out -  
    Zoom In Ctrl++  
    Zoom Out Ctrl+-  
    Zoom In Up Arrow In Full Screen depending on viewer setting; Up Row in Browser
    Zoom Out Down Arrow In Full Screen depending on viewer setting; Down Row in Browser
  Refresh F5  
  Shuffle Images F7  

Tag Menu:
  Allow File Tagging    
  Tag / Untag \  
  Untag All Ctrl+Shift+\  
  Select Tagged Files Only Ctrl+\  
  Select Untagged Files Only Shift+\  
  Show Tagged Files Only Alt+\  

Favorites Menu:
  Add to Favorites    
  Organize Favorites    

Create Menu:
  Slide Show Builder Alt+S  
  Contact Sheet Builder Alt+C  
  Multi-Page File Builder Alt+M  
  Multi-Page File Splitter    
  Image Strip Builder Alt+P  

Tools Menu:
  Batch Convert Selected Images F3  
  Batch Rename Selected Images F4  
  Open Batch Convert / Rename Dialog    
  Change Timestamp    
  JPG Lossless Rotate:    
    Left Ctrl+Shift+L  
    Right Ctrl+Shift+R  
    Flip Horizontally Ctrl+Shift+H  
    Flip Vertically Ctrl+Shift+V  
    Auto Rotate from EXIF    
  Remove JPEG Metadata    
  Compare Images P  
    Set as Wallpaper Ctrl+W  
    Anywhere on Desktop Alt+W  

Settings Menu:
  Thumbnail Database Manager    
  Settings F12  

Help Menu:
  Help F1  
  Download Tutorial    
  License Agreement    
  Enter Registration Code    
  Make a Donation    
  Home Page    
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