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by Joe Holler
(Updated 5/12/2009)

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Address Bar

Arrows     Left & Right Arrows

If you have looked at images in several folders, the left arrow will take you back to the previous folder each time you press it. After returning to a previous folder the right arrow will navigate back to subsequent folders. (If you haven't navigated back to a previous folder, the right arrow will be grayed out because there is no subsequent folder to go to.)

Up     UP

If the current folder is "2005"

Screen Shot

then clicking "Up" once will switch the current folder to "Pictures", which is up one level.

Screen Shot

Refresh     Refresh

It is sometimes necessary to resort the files in the current folder. For example, when a new image is added to a folder that is already open, it will be added at the end of the list. To put it into the right order click the "Refresh" button.

Favorites     Favorites

"Favorites" work just like Bookmarks or Favorites in a web browser, but instead of working with web sites it works with folders.

To select a favorite, add a favorite or organize favorites click the "Favorites" button then click one of the options in the drop down menu.

Screen Shot

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To add, delete or change the order of favorite click the "Favorites" button the click "Organize Favorites"

Screen Shot

Favorites     New Folder

To add a new folder inside the current folder Click the "New Folder" button, type a name for the folder and click "OK".

Screen Shot

Copy     Copy To Folder

In addition to the Windows-like methods for copying and moving files and folders (drag and drop, or copy and paste), FastStone has a very useful Copy To Folder function:

  1. Select the files and/or folders to be copied
  2. Click the "Copy to Folder" button or press the letter "C"

Screen Shot

To select the folder into which the files and folders are to be copied (the chosen folder will become the first folder in he history list):

Once the folder is selected, click the "Copy" button Screen Shot or press the letter "C" again.

Because FastStone remembers the last folder you copied to, you can copy additional files and folders to the same folder by just pressing the letter "C" twice.

Move     Move To Folder

The "Move To Folder" works very much like the "Copy To Folder Tool" except that the hot key is "M" and the selected files and folders are deleted from the current folder (see above).

Warning: Be careful when moving RAW files using FastStone, because .XMP files created by Photoshop or Bridge are not displayed they will be left behind.

Delete     Delete

The delete tool works as it does in all programs.

Select the files and folders to be deleted and click the "Delete" button.

Warning: Be careful when deleting folders using FastStone, because FastStone currently only displays images and videos, what seems to be an empty folder might not be.

Thumbnail View     Thumbnail View

To get the thumbnail view click the "Thumbnail View" buttonScreen Shot

Screen Shot

Report View     Report View

To get the report view click the "Report View" buttonScreen Shot

Screen Shot

Small Icons     Small Icon View

To get the Small Icon view click the "Small Icon View" buttonScreen Shot

Screen Shot

Tagged     Show Tagged Files Only

Tagging is a method of selecting images.

Until you allow image tagging, this button is missing from the Toolbar. To allow image tagging click "Tag" in the Menu Bar and check "Allow Image Tagging":

Screen Shot

There are several ways to tag (and untag) an image:

The red square indicates that an image has been tagged.

Screen Shot

To show only tagged images click the "Show Tagged Images Only" button:

Screen Shot

Note the red arrows above, they point to where FastStone always shows you the number of files being displayed in the folder, the number currently selected, and the number tagged. As you see, the number of files reported and their total size is only that of the tagged files if "Show Tagged Files Only" has been selected.

Also note the the Tag Menu has two other choices:

Screen Shot

  1. "Select Tagged Files Only" ... useful if, for example, you want to copy those files elsewhere.
  2. "Select Untagged Files Only" ... which you might use if you wanted to delete those files, or copy them to an "OutTakes" folder.
  3. "Untag All" ... to remove all the tags in the folder when you are through with them.

Tip:  It's easy to get confused if you delete all the tagged files in a folder, or move them to another folder. The folder will seem to be empty; just turn off "Show Tagged Files Only". To avoid even more confusion, FastStone turns it off automatically when you switch folders.

Filter     Filter Drop Down Menu

Currently FastStone works only with images and videos. No other type of files will be displayed.

The Filter Drop Down Menu allows you to select whether you see images, videos or both.

Screen Shot

Sort Order     Thumbnail Sort Order Drop Down Menu

Files can be sorted by filename, size, date, dimension, or type, or in (reverse) order of any of the above.

The Thumbnail Order Drop Down Menu allows you to select which way the files will be sorted.

Screen Shot

The ones I use most are: "Filename" (sort alphabetically), "(Date)" (display then newest files first), and "Type" (group by type, eg., JPG, RAW, PSD, etc.).

Address Bar
Address Bar

The Address Bar shows the location of the folder where you are currently viewing images. A convenient way to jump to a folder where you have visited recently is to click on the drop drown arrow to its right. The history list appears; click on the folder you want to change to.

folder history

To clear the history click Clear History.

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