Sorting Images / Keeping the Sort Order

by Wren McMains

(This is one of many pages of tips on Organizing Your Images.)

Once I have moved variations of the same image to a sub-folder and have one copy of each image, I like to re-order the images in the order I'd like them to be viewed. Other times just the order in which the images were shot is fine, and I can skip this step.

By making sure you only have one copy of each image in the folder, and they're sorted in the order you want you'll be ready to show these images to someone in the future, make a slideshow or webpage, or share them in some other way.

It's quick and easy: (1) drag them around so they're in order and (2) rename them so other programs will display them in the same order. I use FastStone for this, see FastStone: Sorting Images for all the details on how to do this.

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