FastStone Compare Button

by Joe Holler
(Updated 5/1/2009)

I use this tool ALL the time, it's a great way to pick the best from several similar images or just to see two images side by side. --Wren   Just highlight 2, 3 or 4 images and click on the compare button (which now looks like two trees next to each other) and you'll see something like:

Compare Board

Above or below each image in the compare window there is a set of tools. The first few deal with the size of the images. There are six ways to adjust the sizes of the images to be compared.

  1. Click Zoom to zoom in and out.
  2. Enter a number in the zoom percent box Zoom Percentage, or drop down the percent menu and choose one.
  3. Click Best Fit to get the best fit for the images or hit the space bar.
  4. The compare windows opens with the images being displayed at actual size. If another size is chosen, return to actual size by clicking Actual Size.
  5. Rotate the mouse wheel to change the zoom percent.
  6. Click Full Scrren Compare Mode to go to full screen compare mode.

In Full Screen Compare Mode, select the image by clicking on the Image Buttons buttons at the top of the screen. Return to the compare board by clicking Return, and exit compare by clicking Exit There are 3 file tools for each image:

  1. Copy to Folder Copy to Folder.
  2. Move to Folder Move to Folder.
  3. Delete Delete the image.
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At the top right of the compare board there are 3 check boxes:
  1. Check EXIF to have the EXIF data displayed on each image.


  2. Check Histogram to have the histogram displayed on each image.


  3. Check Smooth to improve the quality of the image when zoomed in.

Tagging works in the compare board by clicking on the tag square in the upper right corner of the image or by clicking on an image to select it and hitting the backspace key "\", to turn the tag on or off.

To exit the compare board click Close or hit escape.

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Copyright Joe Holler, 2009