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by Joe Holler

You can connect your camera directly to a USB port of your computer using a wire like this:


but I recommend you get an inexpensive card reader like the one below because they are generally faster and easier than having to connect your camera each time. If you choose to download directly from your camera be aware that the camera’s device driver must be installed on your computer (not the camera’s other software, just the device driver).

card reader

Click on the "Download Photos" icon. In the Source Section you can find the device from which the photos are to be downloaded by clicking on the drop down menu.


and clicking on the drive where you memory card is or you camera.


or click on the ellipsis ellipsis and navigate to the location of the photos to be downloaded.

View Video

The "Use Filter" check box is checked when you want to download only images of a certain type, like jpg. My images are almost always of the same type and I always want to download all of my images so I don't check this option. filter

In both the source section and the destination section, you can choose to open Windows Explorer by clicking open windows explorer. I much prefer FastStone when dealing with images, so I don't use this option.

In the destination section, you need to choose a folder into which the downloaded photos will be stored. Click on the ellipsis ellipsis and navigate to the appropriate folder. If you need to create a new folder inside the the folder that is currently selected, click the "Create" button create, enter a name for the new folder and click "OK"

You can have subfolders made automatically inside of the destination folder categorized by year, month and day. I don't use this function either.


The files can be renamed during the download process by clicking on the "Rename File Names" radio button. I choose to rename starting with the initials of the photographer (mine are JWH) followed by 4 number signs "#".

file name

I choose to replace the number signs with the numbers from the file name from the camera.

replace ###

If you clIck on the question make codes, you will see the codes that you can use in the template box.


If you click the ellipsis ellipsis you will get a list of templates that you can select for the template box. I made a template with my initials and my wife's initials. Templates can be added, removed, edited or reorders. To select one, click on it and click "OK"


You can select upper or lower case letters for your file names.


The last option is to skip files that have already been downloaded to the destination folder. That saves time so I check it.


When you have set all of these options, click Download

The "Download Process" window will open for you to review the process that is about to take plaece.

Download Process

To go back to the preceding window clickCancel. To begin the process click Start. When downloading is finished click Close and FastStone will open into the folder containing the downloaded photos.

This process may seem daunting at first but it is well worth the effort to learn. The second time you use it many of the options will not have to be changed, making it much quicker and easier.

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