FastStone Slideshow Button

by Joe Holler

The Slideshow function provides a very nice way to view the images that are in a folder, or to view the images that are in multiple folders. However, you can not save the slideshow. You can select an image as the starting point for a show, but you can not limit the show to just a group of selected images. If you select an image as the starting point, all of the rest of the images in that folder will be included in the slide show. The slide show setting should look like this:


If your settings are not the same as the above, click Reset and the settings will be reset to the default settings.

Click the background color to open a color window. Background Color

Color Window

The "Auto-Play" allows you to select the duration of the images in the slideshow. With the check box checked, you can adjust the time by moving the slider, tying in the box or using the up and down arrows.


Check Random Order if you want the images in a folder to be randomly selected for the slideshow.

If you want the slideshow to start over continously, check Loop.

Check "Auto Play Folders" if you would like to limit the number of folders to be included in the slideshow. By default the number of folders is unlimited.

Auto Play Folders

Check Stretch to make small images be resized to fit the screen.

Check Smooth to improve the appearance of images in the slideshow. With the dropdown menu, you can choose the method for this action. I choose the default because I don't know the difference.

Smooth Method

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Check Show Text to include text on each image in the slideshow.


This function is very versitile. Click Ellipsis for the text option window.

Text Option Window

Click Insert a Variable to get a drop down menu of the variables codes. Click on a code to be included in the code window.


Code Window

Several of these options hav more options. Click on the Menuto get a fly-out menu.


Check Shadow to cause the text to have a drop shadow in the slideshow.

If you choose to have a different background for the text and check Background, you will be able to choose text box options: border and background colors and rounded corners.

Text Box Options

To get the Font Option Window click Font

Font Options

There are 3 ways to change the position of the text:

  1. Use the left center and right buttons. Alignment buttons
  2. Choose one of the options in the Postion drop down menu.Position Menu

    Position Optins

  3. Use the XY Offset boxes by either typing in the boxes or using the up and down arrows. XY Offset

Lastly, you can change the transparentcy of the text by using the opacity slider, typing in the box or using the up and down arrows.


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Copyright Joe Holler, 2009